Wheels Manufacturing Derailleur Hanger - 48


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Wheels Manufacturing hangers are stiffer than almost any OEM hanger, which improves durability and shifting performance.

  • OEM hangers are only produced by a handful of manufacturers, mostly in Taiwan and China. As a result, you will see many bikes with exactly the same hanger. Bicycle manufacturers may make mid year changes. Please use the hanger photos to select the proper hanger for your application.
  • These hangers DO NOT INCLUDE attachment hardware
  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum
  • Black anodized finish
  • Made in the USA
  • See below "Tech" link for known fitments
  • Diamondback 1998 Lakeside
    Diamondback 1998 V-10
    Diamondback 1998 V-6
    Diamondback 1998 V-8
    Diamondback 1998 V-Link 1.2
    Diamondback 1998 Voyager 1
    Diamondback 1998 Voyager 2
    Diamondback 1998 Voyager 3
    Diamondback 1998-1999 Team Issue
    Diamondback 1998-1999 Zetec Comp
    Diamondback 1999 2 & 3
    Diamondback 1999 Expert
    Diamondback 1999 SE
    Diamondback 1999 Topanga SE
    Diamondback 1999 Voyager
    Diamondback 1999 X Series
    Diamondback 1999 XR Series
    Diamondback 1999-2000 Sherwood
    Diamondback 1999-2005 Topanga
    Diamondback 1999-2013 Response 26
    Diamondback 2000 Crestview
    Diamondback 2000 Response Sport
    Diamondback 2000 X-2
    Diamondback 2000 X-6
    Diamondback 2000 X-Link
    Diamondback 2000 XR-1
    Diamondback 2000 XR-4
    Diamondback 2000 XR-8
    Diamondback 2000-2002 Oakpoint
    Diamondback 2000-2003 Topanga Comp
    Diamondback 2001 Sorrento
    Diamondback 2001 Sport
    Diamondback 2001 XTS Series
    Diamondback 2002 Crestview
    Diamondback 2002 Wildwood Deluxe
    Diamondback 2003 Apex Coil SS
    Diamondback 2003 DLX
    Diamondback 2003 Miramar
    Diamondback 2003 Sorrento
    Diamondback 2003 Topanga Comp Disc
    Diamondback 2003 Ventura
    Diamondback 2003 Wildwood
    Diamondback 2003 XSL
    Diamondback 2003-2004 Axis Frame
    Diamondback 2003-2004 Carolina
    Diamondback 2003-2005 SL Super
    Diamondback 2003-2005 XSL Trail
    Diamondback 2004 Comp
    Diamondback 2004 Topanga EX
    Diamondback 2004 Wildwood (DLX)
    Diamondback 2004-2005 Apex
    Diamondback 2004-2005 XSL Comp
    Diamondback 2004-2006 Coil EX
    Diamondback 2005 Assault
    Diamondback 2005 Axis
    Diamondback 2005 Response (Sport)
    Diamondback 2005 Wildwood (Deluxe)
    Diamondback 2005 XSL Elite
    Diamondback 2006 Comp
    Diamondback 2006 Sport
    Diamondback 2006 Trail
    Diamondback 2006 XSL
    Diamondback 2008 Override
    Diamondback 2008-2015 Luxe
    Diamondback 2009-2012 Lux Sport
    Diamondback 2009-2012 Recoil Series
    Diamondback 2011 OVERDRIVE
  • Fits Brand: Univega , Ghost , Falcon , Diamondback

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    Wheels Manufacturing Derailleur Hanger - 48